Karlene Agard, Senior Risk and Value Consultant

Karlene Agard, Senior Risk and Value Consultant

(ARAVUN’s Director)

Karlene Agard is an award-winning risk and value management professional. She is on the steering committee for the IRM Risk Agenda for 2025 and the Value Management Committee within the APM and has risk, value and project management qualifications. 


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“The quality of Karlene’s work is always high. It was no surprise that a team she advised nominated her for an award to recognise an initiative she led. Karlene’s characteristics make her well suited to continued excellence in risk, value and project management.”

– David O’Brien, Former Head of Risk Management at Transport for London

ARAVUN’s Role 

The role of ARAVUN is to help organisations to optimise both the financial and non-financial benefits gained from the resources they are investing in significant projects. ARAVUN works with the belief that it’s possible to deliver better value and better outcomes on any project. Facilitation and consultancy services are offered in risk and value management for megaprojects and programmes.

Starting with getting to know a project intimately, relentless focus is put on outcomes, as proven techniques and innovative tactical approaches are applied to enable project success. This gets you the best possible results in building the bridge from formulating a project vision to making it a reality.  

ARAVUN’s Director has been recognised at awards for her unique approach to risk management and value management at the start of megaprojects 


Clients hire ARAVUN for expertise in using risk and value management at the start of projects. This approach is used because this is the time at which it is easiest and most cost effective to change a project. It makes it possible to save both time and money without compromising on results. Starting successfully is what makes all the difference in realising projects benefits.  ARAVUN’s services include strategy, facilitation and analysis in starting megaprojects for success.  


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