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Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez on Megaproject Leadership Skills

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, a past Chairman of PMI and a leader recognised by Thinkers 50, shares how leadership skills are crucial for megaproject leaders in the age of artificial intelligence with Karlene Agard from ARAVUN. For more on this topic, read the Forbes interview article.

Dayo Adedapo on how Risk and Value Management Benefit Megaprojects

Dayo Adedapo, Head of Digital Business Risk and Control Management at HSBC, shares how risk and value management can benefit megaprojects with Karlene Agard from ARAVUN.

Karlene Agard Shares her Ideas from Experience – Major Projects Knowledge Hub

Karlene Agard from ARAVUN, shares her ‘Ideas from Experience’: the reason why you should not fear failure and advice for those starting out in a career.

Josh Steimle on why Project Leaders should be Thought Leaders

Josh Steimle shares why project leaders (Project and Programme Managers or Directors) should be thought leaders with Karlene Agard from ARAVUN.

David Worsley on Starting Megaprojects Effectively

David Worsley, WSP Associate Director and Visiting Lecturer from Newcastle University, shares how project leaders can succeed in project management for megaprojects with ARAVUN founder, Karlene Agard.

Karlene Agard on Reference Class Forecasting – Major Projects Knowledge Hub

When you start a project, being able to sense-check your assumptions on risk and on value is a fundamental safeguard against over-exuberance on the one hand or over-cautiousness on the other



AI (Artificial Intelligence) has eased many aspects in the lives of all humanity. But how does it benefit project managers conducting risk management? Learn more

It’s every Project Manager’s goal to make sure every part of the project is valuable and goal-oriented. Saving time and money are just among the many tasks they get involved with to get the best results possible. Learn more

Effectively starting megaprojects, lessons learned sessions, and sharing these lessons via social media are discussed in this interview. Learn more

Managing Projects by Managing Value

Value management is essential in every process involved in project management. But how should a project manager go about creating value?

Learn more

Public Speaking

Failure, no matter how hard one tries to evade, is inevitable in various aspects of every person’s life. But how do you turn failure around to enhance your career overall? Learn more

IRM Risk Perspectives

How to enhance value - The Institute of Risk Management

Organisations benefit greatly from the hard work done by Project Managers in terms of Risk Management. To conduct it efficiently, one must learn three important skills: valuing lessons learned, functional analysis, and stakeholder analysis.

Warwick Business School

Guest Lecture to Digital Innovation students at the University of Warwick Business School. The START Method: Five Things You Need To Start Megaprojects Successfully

Fusion for Enegy (EU)

Speech for staff at Fusion for Energy, the European Union’s Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy.

Danish Society of Engineers

International Risk Management Conference: The Value Factor: What’s Missing from Project Risk Management.